tyre liner fabric

Short Description:

100mm- 1600mm(The standard width)
warp: cotton 21s*4
weft :cotton 21s*4
Thackness : 0.80mm土5%(thickness)
Weight : 440g/m2士5%(weight440g/m2士5%)

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Product purpose

The product is mainly used in the small tire tread or carcass cutting.

Product feature

The product has good hygroscopicity, air permeability, softness and skid resistance. It has good isolation performance in production using process. And it can be repeated to use over 2000 times.

Product process

Warp and weft has been plain woven with high quality cotton yarn, then clear the batting and impurities on the cloth by flame singeing, and then complete it by high temperature setting.

Product details

Tire Cord Fabrics Market Size And Forecast

According to Verified Market Research, the global tire cord market was valued at US$4.8 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach US$7.22 billion by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.21% from 2019 to 2026.

Primary purpose of using these fabrics is to provide tires with enhanced flexibility and tensile strength. The sidewalls of tires are primarily formed of rubber, which are subject to corrosion when used for a long duration. Hence, these fabrics are mainly used as reinforcing materials for tires, and are formulated to support the vehicle weight, and retain the shape of tires, which results in enhancing tires performance.

The latest survey of the global tire cord market covers various organizations in the industry from different regions and provides more than 100 pages of reports. The research is a perfect combination of qualitative and quantitative information, highlighting key market developments, challenges faced by the industry and competition, gap analysis, and new opportunities and trends in the tire cord market. The report aims to analyze the global tire cord market size in North America, Europe, South America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa by material, tire type, application, and region. The report aims to provide the most advanced market intelligence and help decision makers conduct reasonable investment evaluations.

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