High elastcicity imported tire liner fabric

Short Description:

Standard width: 200mm-1 500mm
( Thickness) : 1 8mm-5. 5mm士5%
(Weight) : 1100g/m?土5%
(Strength) : (warp)≥3000N/5* 20CM
(Elongation) : (warp)≤30/ (weft)≤22

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Product purpose

It's mainly used in the tread、sidewall、shoulder liner, the otheraspects are not recommend to use.

Product feature

The upper and lower surface of liner has high elasticity、good hygroscopic and excellent keeping freshness, it can protect rubber shape from deforming SO as to reserve its original siza, also it can be reused above 1 800 times.

Product process

It's consist of outside two-plies knitting polyester fabric、 two-plies imported sponge and inside of high density polyester fabric, compound and finished by high temperature gluing, pressing.

Product details


Tire Cord Fabric Market: Definition and Introduction

Tire cord fabric is an industrial grade fabric that is manufactured through the use of high tenacity yarns.  Tire cord fabrics play the role of reinforcing materials in automotive and vehicle tires and are designed and used in a way that helps maintain the shape of tires, while simultaneously supporting vehicle weight. Tire cord fabrics impart critical performance related qualities to the tires such as abrasion resistance, increased strength, and deformation control. Tire cord fabrics are manufactured from high quality yarns such as nylon, polyester, polyamide, aramid and many others. Post the polymerization process, the yarn is spun, twisted and then woven into fabric form. The tire cord fabric is then treated with a solution consisting of latex, which enhances its ability to bond with rubber tires. The tire cord fabric is then heat treated to provide it with dimensional stability.  The exact specifications of the tire cord fabric in terms of length, cord density, width, and pick count etc. is managed by manufacturers as per the needs of end use customers. The volume for tire cord fabric used for reinforcing tires varies from tire to tire, as per the needs of end use scenario. For example, a standard light commercial vehicle tire requires around 0.3kg of tire cord fabric for reinforcement. However, an aircraft tire would require anywhere between 10kg to 20kg of tire cord fabric for reinforcements.

Considering these aspects of the Tire Cord Fabric, the study of the Tire Cord Fabric market becomes an important read.

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