anti-static liner fabric for tire calender

Short Description:

Standard width : 100mm- 1700mm
(warp) : PP1000D
( weft) : PET φ0.50mm
(thickness) : 0.95mm 土5%
(weight) : 560g/m? 土5%
(strength) : (warp)≥2800N/5*20CM
(elongation) : (warp)≤70/ (weft)≤45

Product Detail

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Product purpose

It's mainly used for tyre tread、sidewall、carcass and inner liner very well.

Product feature

The product with the advantages of high sifness, ageing resistance, high strenth on the longitudinal and transverse direction, hardness of transverse direction is higher, not easy to folding and defroming, strong wear resistance、 excellent is latinand can be reused for above 3200 times.

Product process

it's plain wove by high strengh PP mliament and PET mono flament, then singeing to clear away the btting and impurities of the surface, at last fnished with high temperature setting treatment.

Product details


Tire Cord Fabric Market: Dynamics

Tire cord fabric is used extensively in the tire industry for application in automotive, aircraft and other vehicle tires. Moreover, tire cord fabric is also used in the manufacture of some other industrial products such as rubber hoses, expansionjoints and air springs. The scope of this study on tire cord fabric market however limits itself to tire industry applications. Vehicle tires face different types of external conditions that have an impact on the life of the product. Tire cord fabric reinforces the structure of the tire and provides additional strength, resistance to harsh environments and thus improves the overall performance, reliability and life of tires. Manufacturers of tires source tire cord fabric based made of the material that is best suited to the application the tire is intended to be used for. For example, light commercial vehicle tires commonly use polyester tire cord fabric. Technology improvements are playing a role in creating new demand for tire cord fabric. For example, the use of cap plies in radial tires that are steel belted, use an additional layer of fabric to hold the steel belts in place, thus increasing demand for tire cord fabric. The primary demand driver for tire cord fabric is the growing production of automotive, aircraft and vehicle tires. Increasing demand for passenger, commercial vehicles, along with continually rising end user demands for higher quality are projected to drive market growth for tire cord fabrics.

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